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Whether you're a music producer, session vocalist or artist who records vocals and creates music, this masterclass with music producer Aubrey Whitfield will show you how you can get your vocals sounding like hit record vocals.


The masterclass will focus on:


1. How to record vocals in the studio or at home to get the best possible sound

2. How to get the best performance out of an artist, or yourself, when recording vocals

3. How to 'comp' vocals properly to get a single brilliant vocal from multiple takes

4. How to use tuning software to ensure vocals are in pitch and in time

5. How to clean up vocal recordings to remove pops, clicks, loud breaths and noises

6. How to use compression, EQ and plugin effects to mix vocals to chart standards

Vocal Production Masterclass

  • Running Time: 1.10 hr

    Format: Mp4

    Delivery: Digital Download

    Original recording date: 25 June 2022

    Due to copyright, customers are prohibited from sharing the video recording or uploading it to the internet.

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