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Add that final polish to your mixes

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Mastering is the final, crucial step of the music production process. It involves the fine-tuning of the levels and equalisation of a track, ensuring that your track sounds great across multiple sound systems -  from small speakers and laptops, to massive clubs, TVs and headphones.


As your mastering engineer, I will ensure that your track sounds the best it can possibly be by enhancing the sonic elements of your mix to create a final track that sounds smooth, professional and polished.  Mastering, although it can't fix a bad mix,  is often referred to as the 'magic fairy dust' that can bring an average mix to life.


Importantly, I also ensure that your track meets commercial loudness requirements and is optimised for playback on  various streaming platforms. This ensures that your track is commercially 'loud' without any unwanted side effects such as digital clipping. 


Aside from this, I can also clean up unwanted noises in your mix, such as hiss, clicks, pops, and sibilance to ensure that your mix sounds as clean as possible.


If you need an album or EP mastering, then I ensure that the volume of all album tracks are balanced and also arrange  your tracks into the right order, ensuring there is the appropriate amount of space between each track, as well as applying track markers and track/album data and providing the correct files for CD or Vinyl replication.


Bring Your Mixes To Life

Mastering is the final stage of the production process. Aubrey will take your mix and turn it into a polished, professional sounding record with a smooth low end, a clear top end, appropriate loudness and that magic fairy dust that makes a track sound more exciting and 'finished'.

Additional versions at no extra cost

Need an instrumental version printing? An alt mix? Including in your mastering fee is up to 3 additional master prints at no extra cost.

Get an Authentic Analogue Sound

Your mixes will pass through a state-of-the-art SSL hybrid system, which is known for its favourable analog 'colour' that makes mixes sound warmer, smoother and better! Your mixes will be routed through the SSL hardware and the best mastering software.

Limitless Revisions

Provide feedback on your master and get changes done within a day, with as many changes as you need to get the master sounding perfect for you

Industry Standard Loudness

Your masters will match commercial loudness levels of hit records, and will ensure compatibility with the streaming platforms to ensure they won't be affected by normalisation processes. Your master will be as loud as the tracks in the charts.

5-7 day turnaround

Book your master in via the booking form below and receive your mastered files within 5-7 days - sometimes even quicker than that!

Mastering Example

Track: Just Wanna Love You (Undone) - The Shires

Before: No Mastering

After: With Mastering

Book Your Mastering Online

Complete your booking below and you will receive an email with instructions on how to supply your files ready for mastering

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*Order 2 or more tracks for a 10% discount, automatically applied at checkout below.


10 and 12 track albums include a discount of 15%

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