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EQ is crucial to obtaining a professional mix. It can reduce rumble in a mix, add bite and clarity and clean up an entire mix. This one hour masterclass will teach you all of the important approaches to EQ and will teach you how to understand the frequency spectrum.


During this 1 hour masterclass you will learn:


- The objective of EQ and how it can enhance a mix

- Anatomy of EQ

- How to use pass filters, shelf filters and bell filters

- The EQ groupings across the frequency spectrum and where each instrument should sit

- Detecting unwanted frequencies

- Using Aux channels to EQ groups

- How to clean up the low and the high end in mixes

- Recommended EQ plugins for professional use

- Surgical EQ vs tonal EQ


This masterclass is a recording of a live class which took place in September 2022.

Understanding EQ Masterclass

  • Running Time: 57.48

    Format: Mp4

    Delivery: Digital Download

    Original recording date: 16 September 2022

    Due to copyright, customers are prohibited from sharing the video recording or uploading it to the internet.

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