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Take your audio mixing to the next level with Aubrey Whitfield's Comprehensive Mix Review.


This expert service offers a thorough analysis and assessment of your mix to identify any areas that need improvement. Aubrey, an industry pro, uses her state-of-the-art hybrid studio set-up to provide a detailed video review of your mix, complete with actionable feedback and suggestions.


With Aubrey's guidance, you can enhance your mixing skills and produce professional-quality audio every time. Order your Comprehensive Mix Review today and take the first step towards achieving sonic excellence.

Comprehensive Mix Review by Aubrey

  • For the review to take place Aubrey will require the following from you:

    - A stereo WAV file of the track you would like assessed

    - Send a downloadable link of the track to Aubrey so she can download the track (it's important that the track is downloaded so the review can take place). You can do this via Dropbox, Google Drive, Soundcloud, Disco or some other platform. You can also email your track to her.

    You will receive an email when you have placed your order which will provide further details.

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