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Learn all of the key mixing approaches, plus more much, for top level mixes. Including compression, EQ, reverb/delay, Gain Staging, Automation, Basic mastering and saturation.
  • Suitable for new and experienced music producers and artists

  • Live interactive Zoom classes each week, for 7 weeks

  • Can't make a Zoom class? Receive a recording of the class the next day and view in your own time, around your schedule

  • Additional classes with professional mixing and mastering engineers

  • Mix a track provided by Aubrey to consolidate all of your learning and receive detailed feedback

  • Mix your own song and bag a place on the course album 'Mixed' which will be commercially released on Echodrop Records

  • An range of desktop guides and resources following each module to consolidate learning

  • Direct, Whatsapp support from Aubrey before and after each module

  • Receive a digital certificate at the end of the course from Echodrop Records confirming you have completed a course on mixing.

Next Course Start date: Sun 26 February 2023

Download the course brochure in PDF for more info about the course:

Download the course curriculum here:

Course Modules:

Week 1: Optimising your mixing environment

We'll kick things off by listening to a poor mix vs a good mix. Then we'll delve into how your studio can be optimised for top mixes, including room calibration, monitor choice, headphones and placement and some mixing tips and tricks to set you up for the rest of the course.

Week 4: Tonal balance and frequency response

This module will focus on EQ for achieving separation in your mix. We'll study the frequency spectrum as well the different types of EQ. We'll also explore vocal DeEssing.

Week 7: Preparing for the final mix stage

This module will explore basic mastering principles, including LUFS and True Peak, as well ensuring your mix is release ready by undergoing final quality checks and multiple test mixing sessions. We'll finish with Aubrey setting your mixing task ready for assessment!

Week 2: Achieving a balanced mix

During this module we will explore techniques around how you can get a stable, balanced mix and the different ways of actually mixing a track. We'll also explore Gain Staging and how to create and manage submixes using your Aux/Bus channels. 

Week 5: Creating space and depth in a mix

This module will focus on adding depth, width and colour to your mixes using both reverb and delay. We'll study the different types of reverb/delay and how they should be applied. We'll also explore good use of stereo panning.

Week 3: Dynamics Processing

This module will focus on the correct use of compression for top mixes. We'll also explore parallel and sidechain compression with a focus on vocals and drums, rounding off with a listening session of a poor compressed mix vs a good compressed mix.

Week 6: Creative mixing techniques

Now you've grasped the 3 big mixing tools, we'll look at how you can bring a mix to life using effects, automation, saturation, and resampling. We'll also study examples of creative mixes.

> Course Materials

Each student will also receive a range of desktop guides and guidance booklets after each module, designed to help you consolidate your learning on the course. This will include desktop compression guides, EQ guides, and other important mix guides. 

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