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Join Aubrey Whitfield for an exciting online event where you will be deep-dive into the art of mixing a song from start to finish. Whether you're a music producer, artist, audio engineer, or mix engineer, this event will show you how songs are mixed for EMI/KPM.


Learn the techniques and secrets behind creating a professional-sounding mix, as Aubrey, with her 20 year experience, guides you through the entire process from start to finish. From balancing levels, compression techniques, vocal producing, scultping EQ to adding effects and creating spatial depth, this class will cover it all.


Get ready to enhance your mixing skills and take your music production to the next level!


Mixing a Song from Start to Finish for EMI

  • Video Length: 1.30 hours

    This is a recording of a live masterclass taken on 29 September 2023

    This video recording is subject to copyright. Any sharing, or uploading to social media or the internet is strictly prohibted and may be subject to copyright strikes.

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