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If you are a songwriter, composer or producer who wants to write songs for TV, film and/or Video Games, then this one hour masterclass will teach you everything you need to know.


Your tutor, Aubrey Whitfield, is a songwriter and music producer who currently writes music for some of the biggest publishers and record labels in the world of sync, including Universal, BMG, KPM (formerly EMI) and their sub-publishers. Her songs have been played on countless TV shows including Love Is Blind (Netflix), Coronation Street (ITV), MTV, Catfished, Neighbours and Film 4.


Aubrey will share her insights and experiences of writing music for TV, film and Video Games in this one hour online masterclass. You will learn all about how to structure and compose songs and compositions that meet the standards required for sync, including production values, edit points, and mixing standards - all of which are very different to the songs written purely for the mainstream. All of which will help increase your chance of successful placements.


You will learn about:


  • How to structure songs specifically for TV and film
  • How to structure songs specifically for Video Games
  • Expected production values required by the music publishers and clients
  • Composing lyrics that match a mood or theme
  • Understanding the importance of edit points for post-editing
  • How to work with music briefs from publishers and what to expect
  • How to get regular paid work in this area and gain the attention of publishers
  • Understanding sync royalties and contracts
  • Career outlook in this area of work

How to write music for TV, Film and Video Games

  • Running Time: 1.03 hr mins

    Format: Mp4

    Delivery: Digital Download

    Original recording date: 4 September 2022

    Due to copyright, customers are prohibited from sharing the video recording or uploading it to the internet.

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