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Learn how to master tracks to the highest professional standards

6 Modules/Live Classes



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Learn how to master tracks to the highest professional standards

6 Live Classes, once a week, with Aubrey

Learn how to master with Aubrey during 6 live classes. Ask questions through the class, interact, or sit back and watch Aubrey delve into the core concepts of modern mastering.

Suitable for all skill and experience levels

The course has been designed for all skill and experience levels. Whether you want to learn basic mastering, or want to delve into more advanced techniques - this course covers it all!

Lifetime Access to all course materials

Need to watch a class again? Watch any or all of the class modules as many times as you like as each class is recorded with lifetime access to all recordings and course materials.

Suitable for users of all DAWs

Every technique taught throughout the course can be replicated in any DAW you choose; whether that's Pro Tools, FL Studio, Ableton or Cubase. Aubrey uses Logic Pro.

Printable class resources with each module

Each module also comes with a selection of printable class materials such as desktop guides, guidance booklets and  infographics to further support your learning.

Course Certificate Upon Completion

At the end of the course you'll get to master 3 tracks for feedback. You'll also earn a Certificate in Professional Audio Mastering, accredited by Echodrop Records.

6 in-depth modules on modern mastering

Each module will teach you the core concepts and advanced capabilities of a range of modern mastering techniques used by top level music mastering engineers and producers.

Mixer Keys

Module 1: The Art of Modern Mastering

Your first module will explore the crucial role of the mastering engineer and how mastering requires a different set of tools, skills and studio set-up. This in-depth introductory module will shed a light on the key mastering tools, skills, gear and set-up you need to create pro level masters. You’ll also explore the science behind sound, acoustics and how this impacts on mastering.


By the end of this module you will understand what essential tools are needed, how mastering differs from mixing, and how understanding acoustics and definition contributes to a top level master. 


You’ll also take a look at the mastering chains of Aubrey as well as pro mastering engineers to get a better understanding of how mastering is tackled. 


At the end of this first module, you will be tasked with building your own mastering chain within the DAW of choice.

Specifically, in this module you will learn: 

  • The role of the modern mastering engineer

  • Developing a mastering chain

  • Setting up your mastering session

  • Pre- master checks

  • The physics of sound

  • Monitor Set-up and Acoustics

  • Essential Mastering Tools

  • The loudness wars

  • Mastering for different genres

  • Referencing

  • The role of AI in modern mastering

  • Critical listening

  • Analog vs digital

Module 2: Compressing the Mix

Module 2 will delve into the first of 3 key mastering technique classes - compression. From understanding the key controls of compression and how they are applied at the mastering stage, to learning how dialling in compression to specific frequencies can control and smooth out the low end or add definition and punch to mids and high end. You’ll also learn about the last line of defence in mastering - limiting - and how to use a limiter to create competitively loud masters.


You’ll also learn about the benefits of analog based compression on mastering and how modern vs vintage can create vastly different tones and sounds. 


Specifically, in this module you will learn:

  • Compression in mastering

  • How to think like a mastering engineer

  • The different types of mastering compressors

  • Threshold and ratio in mastering

  • Attack and release controls in mastering

  • Make-up gain

  • Bus compression

  • Multiband compression

  • Upwards compression

  • Use of high frequency compression

  • Use of mid frequency compression

  • Use of low frequency compression

  • The importance of limiting

  • Mastering with modern vs vintage Vari-Mu compressors

  • Analog tape compression


Module 3: EQing the Mix

In Module 3 you will learn about the importance of Equalisation in mastering and how EQing a master differs drastically from Eaq within a mix. You’ll learn all about the key EQ techniques that are specific to mastering from filters, masking, frequency separation and blending techniques. You’ll also learn about the benefits of using dynamic EQ and mid/side EQ to really control the frequencies of a master and create a track that is both smooth and rounded in the low end and present and clear in the mid-high end. 


Specifically, in this module you will learn:

  • EQ in mastering

  • EQ sculpting

  • EQ masking 

  • Linear Phase EQ

  • Dynamic EQ

  • Mid/Side EQ for controlling the low-end

  • Mid-side EQ for stereo width

  • Using Tilt EQ in mastering

  • Using Passive EQs in mastering

  • Controlling the low end

  • Additive Vs subtractive EQ in mastering 

  • Using Tonal EQ for smoothness and bite

  • Using Surgical EQ for frequency control

Module 4: Depth, Width and Spatial Imaging

Now you understand how to apply compression, EQ and limiting techniques in mastering to achieve professional level mixes, you will learn techniques to ‘sweeten’  your masters to add further depth and clarity. From bringing out the harmonics of a track using subtle saturation, to widening (or narrowing) the stereo image and even using reverb for extra depth. 


You’ll also undertake a critical listening exercise to learn and identify parts of your master that could be enhanced even further using more effect based tools. 


Specifically, in this module you will learn:

  • Use of harmonics

  • Stereo width and depth

  • Stereo Imaging

  • Creating the ‘wall of sound’ approach 

  • Using harmonic exciters

  • Saturation/distortion 

  • The use of reverb in mastering

  • Rear bus processing 

Music Equipment

Module 5: Optimising the master for release

You are now able to use compression, EQ, limiting and spatial effects to create top level masters, but now you need to ensure that your masters are competitively loud, are dynamic, and sound good on a range of different devices and audio streaming platforms. This module will take an in-depth look at Metering - where you analyse exactly what’s happening at the core of your master and how that translates across the different audio platforms. 


You’ll learn to identify phasing issues, clipping, distortion, as well as finding a delicate balance of True Peak, RMS and LUFS to ensure your masters retain their quality when released on streaming platforms. 


You’ll also explore the final ‘master check’ process to ensure your master is truly finished. Then you’ll take a look at the various file exportation and delivery requirements to clients and record labels. 


Specifically, in this module you will learn:

  • Metering

  • Mastering for streaming platforms (LUFS)

  • RMS

  • True Peak

  • Understanding perceived loudness

  • Metering: Fletcher Munson Curve

  • Clipping and distortion

  • Phase correlation 

  • Audio restoration approaches

  • Final mastering checks

  • File delivery to clients (dithering, bit depth, Sample Rate, File Types)

  • What the record labels expect

Module 6: Mastering Live In Action

In this final module you will get to see three different tracks mastered live by Aubrey. There will be 3 different genres so you can see how different genres require different mastering approaches. This is the module where everything you have learnt throughout the course comes together into a practical live mastering masterclass!

Specifically, in this module:

  • Watch Aubrey master x3 tracks live across a range of genres

  • See all of the techniques you’ve learned during the course coming together in this live mastering demonstration 


Mastering Assignments

Master x3 tracks and receive detailed feedback

At the end of the course you will be given 3 stereo tracks to master from a range of different genres. Submit your 3 tracks and get detailed feedback to further enhanced your learning.

Accredited Course Certification

Earn a qualification in professional mastering

At the end of the course you will be awarded with a Certificate in Professional Audio Mastering that you can use as a professional qualification. Your digital certificate also comes with integrated sharing with LinkedIn and social media.

Mixer Keys


Aubrey Whitfield is a Music Producer, Songwriter and Mix Engineer from the UK. She has worked with the likes of Little Mix, Kelly Clarkson, James Arthur, Simon Webbe (Blue), George Shelley (Union J) and is a go-to writer/producer for EMI, Universal and BMG. Many of her songs have been featured in TV and film, including Netflix Shows Love Is Blind, Love Never Lies as well as popular shows Love Island, Coronation Street, Home & Away and Hollyoaks.

Aubrey has been teaching music production and mixing to her 110k+ Instagram followers for a number of years via a mixture of informative posts and Reels. Due to demand, she started running online Masterclasses in 2022 and has since successfully run over 8 online courses.

Check out what other students are saying:

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Nyssa Ray

“I'm so glad I signed up to do this course taught by UK producer power house Aubrey Whitfield. It was beyond valuable to learn new techniques and even re-learn some fundamentals I'd forgotten about mixing and mastering. I've been implementing her teaching into every project since taking the course and my clients couldn't be happier with quality of my productions. Thanks Aubrey”




Jo Maloney

"I have learnt more from Aubrey’s courses in the last 6 months than I have in 6 years and I can now actually visualise making a career in music production. You are provided with support and feedback whenever you need it from Aubrey and I never once felt silly when asking her a question. Aubrey has a knack for making all of her students feel incredibly comfortable no matter what your skill level. Aubrey’s courses have been a game-changer and I can’t wait to start my 4th one later on in the year.”


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Lisa McKenzie

"I’ve taken several courses with Aubrey so far, and I’ve been growing so much as a producer as a result. She is so generous with her knowledge, expertise, and making her courses accessible, that it’s obvious she really wants everyone to grow and thrive in their music careers. She has a knack for clarifying complicated concepts and processes and making goals feel so much more achievable. I highly recommend Aubrey as a teacher and mentor!”



82826B06-EADE-45AE-A5AA-9AD477399809 2_edited.jpg

Lily Brokenshire

“I learnt things in producing and mixing that I never knew existed! I am so pleased I found Aubrey and her courses because I’m able to learn online with a really energetic and warm producer/teacher and my skills have sky rocketed. I have just bypassed years of learning in 6 weeks”




Steven Jackson

"I took Aubrey's Mixing and Mastering Course and it was outstanding! I learned a lot from the entire course but what stood out to me was how she took one of the most complex and misunderstood subjects of mixing (Compression) explained and demonstrated it in the most clear and concise way I have ever seen. She makes it all so clear. A true worthwhile course".



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