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Learn how to master tracks to the highest professional standards

Logic Pro: Modern Mixing Template

A mixing and mastering template replicated from Aubrey Whitfield's own mix template

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Easily Create Pro Level Mixes

A meticulously crafted Logic Pro mixing and mastering template, using only Logic stock plugins. A faithful replication of Aubrey Whitfield's own mixing template used for Universal, BMG and EMI.


Open, import your stems, tweak, and print.

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Create pro level mixes with this ready-to-mix modern template

A blank, ready-to-mix Logic Pro template, carefully crafted by producer and mix engineer Aubrey Whitfield. Featuring Logic Pro stock plugins meaning you don't have to worry about missing plugins.

Features include:

- bus compression for drums, guitars and backing vocals

- Sidechain compression on the kick and bass

- Parallel compression ready to activate on every instrument channel

- A modern lead vocal chain designed for a chart sound across pop, rock, hip-hop and EDM styles

- A commercially loud master, complete with 'glue' style compression and a smooth low end boost and high end sparkle

- Soft synth VSTs and piano ready-to-play, with settings tweaked by Aubrey ready to play for any production work

The template also comes with a detailed User Guide which explains every section of the template and the plugin settings, including helpful explanations on how to use compression and EQ.

Created using only Logic's stock plugins, but highly customisable

This mixing template has been created using only Logic's built-in stock plugins meaning you get mixing right away. But you can easily replace any plugin with a 3rd party plugin of your choice and replicating Aubrey's plugin settings. 


The mixing template is highly customisable so you can incorporate your own sonic signature

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Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 15.48.48.png

Featuring ready-to-mix plugin settings taken from Aubrey's own mixing template

Compression, EQ, reverb and saturation are all baked into this template, complete with Aubrey's own starter settings for a range of different instruments, including drums, bass, guitars, synths and vocals. Simply click on the plugin and tweak the settings to fit the needs of your mix.

The template also includes more advanced mixing techniques, such as parallel compression which is used to make drums, bass and vocals sound thicker and fatter. Parallel compression is included on every single instrument channel and is ready to activate whenever you need it!

The template also includes sidechain compression for the bass and kick, ensuring that your low end sounds clean and tight with minimal effort.

A commercially loud and smooth mastering chain, pre-loaded

No need to worry about the mastering, this mix template has a modern mastering chain pre-loaded onto the master channel. With a combination of surgical EQ, compression, tonal EQ and limiting, with a range of important meters to ensure your mix is translating as it should across multiple devices and streaming platforms, this template will provide you with a commercially loud, yet smooth sounding master from the get-go.

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