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Mixer Keys

Certificate in Advanced Modern Music Production

Learn how to produce and mix to the same level as hit records in this

7 module, certified, online course with industry experts

What's included in the course?


7 Live interactive Classes every week with tutor Aubrey Whitfield. All classes recorded with lifetime access

Instant access to x13 recorded masterclasses + over 130 drum samples and effects


Feedback on your songs from industry pros

Certified course with course certification upon completion, complete with an online assessment

Access to one-to-one support from Aubrey during the course via Whatsapp and Email

Module 1: Music Composition & Songwriting

When: Sunday 31 March 2024 @15:00 GMT

Module 1 starts at the beginning. You will learn how to optimise your songwriting to create hit records off the cuff. From looking at the key commercial songwriting approaches used by hit songwriters, to crafting lyrics that sell, to understand the theory behind songwriting to make you. a better songwriter.

We'll also analyse key music trends and how you can keep ahead of the latest trends to ensure your songs retain commerciality 

  • Commercial composition and songwriting techniques

  • Song structure and arrangement

  • Use of lyrics in modern songwriting

  • Use of rhythm in drum-beats and melodies

  • Chord sequencing and melody creation

  • Common chord sequences of hit records 

  • Key signatures, time signatures and basic scales

  • Composing musical and memorable 'hooks'

  • Composing bass lines

  • Current music trends and adapting to new trends 

  • Writing songs optimised for maximum streams and sales 

  • Remixing and alternative mixes 

  • Listening and analysis of recent hit records

Module 2: Sound Engineering

When: Sunday 7 April 2024 @15:00 GMT

Whether you record from your bedroom studio or a professional studio space, this module will equip you with the skills to engineer your recordings to the highest possible standards. From microphone placement techniques, to removing noise from recordings, achieving optimal recording levels and preventing phase correlation issues - this module will ensure your recordings are pristine going forward!

  • Digital Audio basics

  • Microphone Choice for optimal recordings

  • Microphone techniques for vocals, guitars and drums

  • Properties of Sound: Pitch, Timbre, and Loudness

  • Professional recording practices

  • Signal flow and routing

  • The Noise Floor and Signal to Noise Ratio (including Gain Staging)

  • Standard Operating Levels: Reference Levels

  • Headroom, Dynamic Range and distortion

  • Buffering and Latency

  • Samples rates explained

  • Preamps and DI’s

  • Audio Interface Configuration

  • Analog Audio Connections and working with analog hardware

  • Phase coherence

  • Digital metering

  • Monitoring During Recording

  • Audio editing and processing – comping, timing correction & cleaning-up audio

  • Audio specs

  • File types for importation and exportation into your DAW

Module 3: MIDI Programming

When: Sunday 14 April 2024 @15:00 GMT

MIDI is a key feature of modern music production. In this module we'll dive into some of the key midi functions that can bring your production to life. From making piano VSTs sound like real pianos, to programmed drums sounding like a live drummer, to advanced midi editing, performance, quantisation and pitch editing - by the end of the module you will understanding all things midi!

  • Which DAW is right for you? 

  • What is Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)?

  • MIDI Sequencing techniques for use in any DAW

  • What Makes an Expressive Musical Performance?

  • Real-Time Recording

  • Metronome Settings

  • Viewing MIDI Recordings

  • Record Modes 

  • What Makes an Expressive Musical Performance?

  • Editing MIDI Sequences

  • Tempo and Keys

  • Changing a Time Signature

  • Setting the Clip Length

  • Note velocity

  • MIDI Editing

  • Bars, Beats, and Subdivisions

  • Drum mapping

  • Editing Note Length

  • Event-Level Editing

  • Quantization

  • Correcting Durations and Dynamics

  • Editing Pitch

  • Editing Song Form: Cut/Copy/Paste Operations

  • Midi 2.0

Module 4: Audio Editing

When: Sunday 21 April 2024 @15:00 GMT

Now that you can record audio to pristine standards, we will take a look at how you can manipulate audio to create the results that you want. You'll learn how to make your very own audio loops, how to slice beats, how to tune vocals, how to sync audio in time and how to deal with audio restoration issues. This will be a creative module designed to really get you thinking about how you can take a static piece of audio and turn it into something interesting and unique.

During this module you will learn:

  • Advanced editing techniques

  • Making Audio Loops

  • Editing a loop

  • Audio Clip Warping

  • Defining Regions

  • Rendering MIDI Tracks to Audio

  • Beat slicing

  • Change Gain and Normalisation

  • Fade In/Out

  • Changing Tempo and Pitch

  • Vocal tuning

  • Aligning audio in time with the tempo 

  • When Audio hasn’t been recorded to a metronome

Module 5: Creative Music Production

When: Sunday 28 April 2024 @15:00 GMT

Module 5 will focus on the fun side of music production! You'll learn key tricks to programming drums and melodic patterns, to choosing the right virtual instruments for a hit record sound, and learning how to sample to top standards. You'll learn about creating your own effects and how fusing genres together can help you create your own signature sound.

But most importantly we will answer that ever important question - how do you know when your track is finished! Aubrey has the answer for you.

During this module you will learn:

  • Genre analysis and development

  • Fusing genres together

  • Developing a production strategy

  • Rhythmic and melodic patterns

  • Production aesthetics 

  • Creating a rhythmic feel

  • Virtual Instrument choice

  • Choosing the best instrumentation for your track

  • Advanced drum programming and drum patterns

  • Producing with guide vocals

  • Sampling and resampling

  • Use of loops

  • Use of Arpeggios (Arps)

  • Use of effects (risers, reverse cymbals, reverse vocals)

  • Finalising a production - when do you know if a track is finished?

Module 6: Mixing and Mastering to Top 40 Chart Standard

When: Sunday 5 May 2024 @15:00 GMT

Now you know how to produce to top level standards, let's take a look at the mixing side of music production. You will learn the key elements of a mix and how to use them to your advantage to create professional level mixes. You'll also learn how tweak your mixes so they are suitable for TV and film and video games. 

During this module you will learn:

  • The 5 fundamentals of mixing 

  • How to mix objectively 

  • How to judge when a mix is finished 

  • Using compression to achieve a balanced mix 

  • Using EQ to achieve a balanced frequency spectrum 

  • Mixing for TV and film

  • Mixing for video games 

  • Testing your mixes 

  • Mix compatibility for audio-visual

  • Mix compatibility for streaming sites (LUFS, True Peak)

  • Mastering tools and techniques

Module 7:  Developing a Sustainable Career in the Music industry

When: Sunday 12 May 2024 @15:00 GMT

A much requested module for this course - now you can produce, mix and master to professional standards, you will want to know how you can get paid work as a producer. This module will teach you more about the music industry landscape, how you can get in there with the record labels and produce major artists, as well as understanding your rights, royalties and copyright laws.

You will learn how to further your career as a producer so that you can get regular paid work from high calibre artists and labels.

During this module you will learn:

  • Different roles in the music industry

  • Routes to a successful producing career

  • Getting work from the record labels 

  • Getting to work with major level artists 

  • Finding artists to work with in a competitive industry

  • Expectations of a music producer 

  • Personal qualities and etiquette 

  • Producer Awards, Guilds and recognitions

  • Developing a portfolio and showreel

  • Developing a rate card

  • Online marketplace sites 

  • Applying and securing funding for music producer

  • Finding a mentor 

  • Understanding producing fees, contracts and royalty rights

  • Collaboration

  • Networking opportunities

  • Using social media to further your career 

  • Music release strategy - frequency, timescales, Spotify and playlists

  • A music producer’s career trajectory

  • Expected earnings as a music producer or as an artist

  • The future of AI in music production - should you be worried?

  • Developing a virtual team of musicians

Instant Access To Supplementary Course Materials When You Enrol

Enrol for this course online today, and you will gain instant access to a tonne of pre-recorded masterclasses by Aubrey as well as drum samples, loops and effects. Below are the full list of goodies waiting for you!

x13 Pre-recorded Masterclasses including:

- Mixing a song live for a major record label

- Modern Mixing Techniques for Producers

- Drum Bus Processing

- How to use multi-band compression

- Vocal Production

- Mix Bus Processing

- The Complete Mixing Masterclass

- Understanding EQ

- Understanding Compression

- Modern Mastering for Producers

- How to use the 1176 Compressor (deep dive)

- How to use the SSL G Comp Compressor (deep dive)

- The Complete Logic Pro Masterclass

Download Aubrey's Logic Pro X Template (using Logic's stock plugins)

- Aubrey's go to stock plugins all loaded and ready to go

- Aubrey's go-to settings

- Aubrey's arrangement layout and window

- Aubrey's mastering settings and plugins

Access to Aubrey's own sample and loop collection including:

- x20 kick samples

- x20 snare samples

x20 - Clap samples

- x20 hi-hat samples

- x10 Impact boom FX

Access to Aubrey's 'Hybrid Acoustic Drums Soundpack' which includes:

- 5 different drum kits (in WAV format)

- 22 drum loops

-41 individual drum hits


Enrolment & Eligibility on the Course


This course is for anyone who wants to learn advanced music production. You will learn everything there is to know about modern music production, which makes this course suitable for all levels of experience and ability.

Suitable for users of all DAWs

Although the techniques demonstrated will be shown in Logic Pro X, all techniques demonstrated can easily be replicated in any DAW (Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio etc)

Course Fees


The fee for taking this course is £179.00 and is due in advance of the course start date. All major debit/credit cards are accepted. 


Course Enrolment


You can enrol for the course via the booking form at the bottom of this page

Once you are enrolled you should receive an automatic email confirming your place on the course.



Enrol On the Course

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