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Advanced Vocal Producing & Mixing Course

Learn how to record, edit, tune, align and mix vocals to professional levels

  • Started 9 Jun
  • 136 British pounds
  • Online Course

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The vocals are often the most important part of any song and requires a vast amount of attention and treatment from the producer to make those vocals sound clean, modern and tight. In fact, vocal production is a key part of the role of a music producer and is what can take your recordings to the next level. This 5 module, certified, online course will guide you through all of the essential approaches that producers and artists need to learn to master the craft of vocal production. You will delve into the often overlooked (yet absolutely essential) phases of “preproduction,” which will help ensure the easiest, quickest, and most successful recordings once your vocal session begins. The course will also explore your role during vocal recording sessions, including guiding and supporting your vocalist so you are able to capture a truly brilliant vocal performance. This will include an in-depth demonstration and analysis of vocal doubling, stacking and thickening, harmonies, and backing vocals. The course also focuses on post-production elements: advanced comping, tuning, alignment and timbre enhancement to create polished final vocal tracks. The course concludes with more advanced vocal mixing techniques where you will learn how mixing approaches such as parallel compression, tonal EQ, saturation, reverb and careful analog emulations can bring a vocal performance to life. By the end of the course, you will be able to: 1. Prepare for a vocal recording session focusing on the technical aspects as well as the personal, creative and artistic aspects 2. Run a recording session with technical confidence to bring out the best performances in the vocalist and capture that ‘magic’ in the studio 3. Comp a final vocal track that has captured the best parts of the vocalist’s performance and to create a brilliant final vocal ready for mixing 4. Enhance vocals with tracking, harmonies, vocal stacks, as well as technical processes, in order to increase the impact of the overall vocal performance 5. Clean, edit, tune, align and finalise each vocal take to ensure a truly professional vocal sound 6.Developing a vocal chain in your DAW that suits the vocalist’s timbre and dynamics and which brings the vocals to life in the mix 7. Mix a vocal track in the context of the full mix so that it does justice to the vocalist’s performance

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Ten87 Studios - Markfield Road, Markfield Road, London, UK

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