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The masterclass will begin with a breakdown of how Aubrey got into producing and mixing for major record labels and publishers, followed by:


- A 'mix breakdown' of one of the songs Aubrey has released with a major record label

- Overview of best use compression and EQ techniques

- How to use automation for top level, creative, mixes

- How to achieve that 'loudness' of pro records

- Using aux channels to control your mix

- Using saturation for powerful, fat sounding drums and bass

- Gain staging: how to ensure that your mix doesn't run out of headroom

- Mastering basics: how to make the best use of your master channel

Mixing Masterclass

  • Running Time: 1.03 hr

    Format: Mp4

    Delivery: Digital Download

    Original recording date: 27 May  2022

    Due to copyright, customers are prohibited from sharing the video recording or uploading it to the internet.

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