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Music producing is one of the most rewarding careers in the world! But it is also highly competitive . In order to become successful, you need to learn how to produce songs to a top professional level so that your tracks can compete at a high level.


This masterclass is taught by professional music producer and songwriter, Aubrey Whitfield, who has worked with Little Mix, Kelly Clarkson, Simon Webbe (Blue), Charlotte Kelly (Soul II Soul) and George Shelley (Union J). Aubrey has garnered top 10 hits in the US, Europe and South America and has written a huge array of songs for TV and film.


This masterclass will equip you with all the knowledge and skills to produce modern songs to professional standards, including:


- Creative producing approaches used by top artists and labels

- How modern songs are written for the TikTok and Spotify generations

- Which plugins and VSTs are best for modern music production

- The most common production techniques

- Why drums are one of the most important production elements

- Dynamics

- Gain Staging

- Use of loops and samples

- Intelligent use of Ear Candy

- Instrument layering

- Working with artists and labels: what is required




It is suitable for both beginners and those with producing knowledge who wish to upskill and produce professional level tracks.


The class isn't genre specific as it will focus on key producing approaches which can be applied to any genre.


Aubrey will demonstrate some approaches in her DAW, which is Logic Pro X, however, all skills taught can be applied to any DAW whether it be FL Studio, Ableton or Pro Tools etc.

Learn How to Produce Music Like a Pro Masterclass

  • Running Time: 1hr.21 mins

    Format: Mp4

    Delivery: Digital Download

    Original recording date: 22 November 2022

    Due to copyright, customers are prohibited from sharing the video recording or uploading it to the internet.

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