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Certificate in
Advanced Modern Mixing

Take your music career to the next level by learning the key aspects of  modern mixing and mastering with Aubrey Whitfield during this online 6 Module certified course

Included in the Course

6 Live Interactive Classes with lifetime access

Join Aubrey live every Saturday for 6 weeks and learn advanced modern mixing. All classes are recorded with lifetime access

Course Materials to supplement your learning

Each module comes with its own set of course materials, including desktop guides, step-by-step guides and infographics

Access to a Foundation Mixing Course upon enrolment

Need to learn the basics before the course start date? Get instant access to a 6 module foundation course when signing up + mixing masterclasses

Professional Accredited Certificate

Upon completion earn a certificate in Advanced Modern Mixing, with digital integration with LinkedIn

Feedback on your mixes from a mixing professional

At the end of the course submit your own mixes and get constructive feedback and suggestions to accelerate your learning

Direct one-to-one support from Aubrey

Got a mixing question? Need advice? Stuck on a mix? Text or email Aubrey at anytime for quick support and advice

Module 1: Understanding Modern Mixing

When: Saturday 24 August @15:00 GMT

Module 1 will explore the crucial foundations of what makes a mix commercial sounding. You'll learn all about the historical perspectives of mixing that make up a modern mix today.


You will learn about current mixing trends and how to keep ahead of the curve, you'll learn what it takes to prepare for a successful mix session and what the fundamental differences are between analog and digital mixing.

You'll also learn about the 5 key elements of a mix and how to master them from your home studio.


From learning a 3 tier mixing system, 'down' vs 'up' mixing approaches and balancing the elements of a mix to understand what mixing in Dolby Atmos is, this first module will blow your mind and open you up to a brand new way of modern mixing.

During this module you will learn:

  • The five elements of a mix

  • A historical perspective of mixing

  • Current mix trends

  • Analog vs digital mixing

  • Analog Summing

  • Session organisation

  • The 3 tier Mixing Approach

  • Balancing the elements of a mix

  • Panning the elements of a mix

  • Mixing in Dolby Atmos

  • 'Down' vs 'up' mixing

  • Preparing to mix

  • Use of emulation plugins

  • Critical listening exercise

Module 2: Advanced Compression Techniques

When: Saturday 31 August @15:00 GMT

Compression is one of the most important mixing tools at your disposal. In this module you will learn all of the key advanced compression techniques that can take your mix from an amateur mix to a professional mix.

You will learn about the compression parameters, multi-band compression, parallel compression, side-chain compression and how this all differs to expansion and transient shaping.


You’ll also explore the different types of compressors and how compressor choice can affect your mixes.

During this module you will learn:

  • Types of compressors and their uses

  • Expander vs compressor

  • How to 'hear' compression

  • Compression parameters

  • Using analog compressors

  • Advanced Multi-band compression

  • Parallel compression

  • Advanced Sidechain compression

  • Transient Shaping

  • Gating

  • Critical listening exercise

Module 3: Advanced EQ Techniques

When: Saturday 7 September @15:00 GMT

In this module, you will master the art of EQ sculpting to really create separation in your mix.


You will learn about analog EQs vs digital EQs, graphic EQ, parametric EQ, EQ matching, dynamic EQ, mid-side EQ as well as tuning drums and bass using EQ techniques.

You'll also explore the intricacies of frequency masking and how this affects mix definition.


You will also learn about phase issues, including linear phase and phase inversion, as well as comb-filtering and advanced harmonic mixing.

During this module you will learn:

  • Advanced Dynamic EQ

  • EQ Matching

  • Advanced Mid/side EQ

  • Inverse EQ

  • Tuning drums with EQ

  • Using analog EQs

  • Comb-filtering

  • Fixing phase issues

  • Linear phase vs Minimum Phase

  • Phase inversion

  • Advanced harmonic mixing

  • Clipping, soft clipping

  • Critical listening exercise

Module 4: Sub-mixing and Advanced Automation

When: Saturday 14 September @15:00 GMT

This module is where the creative mixing really begins. Here you will take an in-depth look at routing and stereo bus processing to create coherent and blended mixes.

Then, you will watch as Aubrey demonstrates a series of advanced automation techniques which will see the parameters of various plugins being controlled by automation mapping. This creates interesting and dynamic effects, as well as managing volume levels in poorly recorded tracks.

During this module you will learn:

  • Use of busses, sends & returns

  • Pre-fader vs post-fader metering

  • Stereo bus compression and sub-mixing

  • Advanced DAW Automation

  • Pre-processing automation

  • Automating effects

  • Advanced Creative automation

  • Automating fade-ins and fade-outs

  • Time correction

  • Critical listening exercise

Module 5: Advanced Creative Mixing

When: When: Saturday 21 September @15:00 BST

This module is all about being creative with your mix. Perhaps you want to re-create the sound of Motown vocals, or you are looking to re-amp a guitar so you can bring it to life, or perhaps you want to understand how noise gating can clean up your mix.

This module is a fun-packed 2 hours full of intelligent and thought-provoking mixing techniques that will take your mixes to new heights.

During this module you will learn:

  • Emulating vintage sounds (e.g Motown/Soul sounds)

  • Audio warping and manipulation

  • Re-amping guitars

  • Beat mapping

  • Drum replacement

  • Noise gating

  • Audio restoration

  • Advanced reverb techniques

  • Advanced delay techniques

  • Vinyl distortion & tube distortion

  • Tape emulation

  • Metering (VU, LUFS, LKFS, DBFS, dBV, dBu, durrough metering)

  • Critical listening exercise

Module 6: The Mixing Approaches of Top Producers

When: When: Saturday 28 September @15:00 GMT

The best way to learn is to study the professionals. In this final module, you will learn the key mixing techniques used by some of the best mix engineers and producers in the world right now, including Chris Lord-Alge, Rick Rubin, Spike Stent, Calvin Harris and Jonas Blue.

You will learn about their plugins of choice, their mixing gear, their preferred mixing techniques, how they treat vocals and how they treat their masters.

You will also learn how different mixing techniques are used depending on the genre of track you are mixing. You will learn the key mixing approaches across multiple genres including modern pop. EDM, Hip-Hop, R&B and singer-songwriter.

During this module you will learn:

  • How the world's top producers approach their own mixes

  • The plugins, techniques and approaches used on hit records

  • The mastering chains of hit records

  • Concepts and ideas for mixing EDM

  • Concepts and ideas for mixing modern pop

  • Concepts and ideas for mixing hip-hop, and R&B

Enrolment & Eligibility on the Course


This course is for anyone who wants to learn advanced mixing techniques. If you don't know basic compression, or basic EQ yet then the supplementary pre-recorded classes which you can access as soon as you enrol will teach you the basics of these key skills. Therefore, all differing abilities and experience levels are welcome on the course

Although the techniques demonstrated will be shown in Logic Pro X, all techniques demonstrated can easily be replicated in any DAW (Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio etc)

Course Fees


The fee for taking this course is £140.00 and is due in advance of the course start date. All major debit/credit cards are accepted.

Early Bird Enrolment fee discount

If you sign up to the course before 30 June 2024, you get an 'early bird' discount of 20%, making the fee £112 instead of £140.00. Simply use the promo code 'earlybirdie' when enrolling before 30 June to apply the discount.


Course Enrolment


You can enrol for the course via the booking form below or CLICK HERE.

Once you are enrolled you should receive an automatic email confirming your place on the course and you will receive a separate link to download the pre-recorded tutorial classes.

About a week before the course start date, Aubrey will be in touch with the sign-in details for each live class, which will take place over Zoom. Please ensure you register with the correct email and regularly monitor your emails for course updates.



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