What is The Pop Guide?


THE POP GUIDE is a free 23 page guidance booklet aimed at advising independent/unsigned artists on how to be successful. The guide has been authored by British Record Producer, Aubrey Whitfield.


About the Author

Aubrey Whitfield is a Record Producer based in London, UK. Aubrey has worked some of the biggest names in pop, as well as worked with major record labels, independent labels and unsigned artists. Aubrey was the founder and CEO of E3 Records in the 2000s, which was one of the most successful independent record labels outside of London at the time. So you could say that Aubrey is well versed in the modern music industry and what artists need to do to be successful.

After producing 200+ clients in the last 2 years, Aubrey came to realise that a lot of artists were unaware of what they need to do to increase their chances of being a successful artist. These days, there is little chance of mainstream success if you are relying on sending 'demos' to record labels. Record labels want artists to have a hugely successful fanbase already and be on the biggest Spotify playlists. This guide helps artists to understand the steps they need to take to build their fanbases and how they can build a team to help them achieve their musical ambitions.

The Pop Guide is a free downloadable PDF document, beautifully presented across 23 pages. Simply pop your email address in the box below and a downloadable link will be sent to your supplied email address immediately (remember to check your spam filters if you can't see the email).

Enjoy The Pop Guide and keep your eye out for the longer and more detailed book later in the year! Tag me on Instagram at @aubreywhitfield and tell me what you think of it!

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