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This Modern Mixing Template in Logic Pro is your key to radio-ready sounding mixes. Based on Aubrey Whitfield's very own mix template, but replicated using only Logic's built-in stock plugins. With a focus on clarity, punch, and balance, this template will give your mixes the professional polish they need to stand out in today's competitive music industry. Say goodbye to hours of tweaking and experimenting - with this template, you'll have the tools you need to create top-notch mixes in no time.


Complete with Aubrey's go-to starter settings for compression, EQ, reverb, saturation and mastering across a range of common instrument groups such as vocals, drums, bass, guitars and synths. 


The template also includes parallel compression ready to activate on every channel, sidechain compression for the kick and the bass for a smooth, clean low end, and a mastering channel that will meet commercially loudness levels.


Get mixing quickly, and get great sounding mixes from the start.


Also comes with a detailed User Guide to walk you through the entire template.


Whether you're a beginner looking for a solid starting point or an experienced producer looking to speed up your workflow, this Logic Pro Modern Mixing Template is the perfect tool for all your audio mixing needs. 

Logic Pro: Modern Mixing Template

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